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Dis Diagn. 2020;9(4): 172-177. doi: 10.34172/ddj.2020.08

Review Article

Clinical, Radiological, and Laboratory Findings in Patients Infected With 2019 Novel Coronavirus (SARSCoV-2)

Jalil Fayzi 1,2 ORCID, Iraj Ahmadi 3 ORCID, Parisa Mohseni 4 ORCID, Hossein Foruozandeh 5,6 * ORCID, Elmira Zarei 7 ORCID, Leila Kasraian 6 ORCID, Zahra Foruozandeh 8 ORCID, Abbas Farahani 9 ORCID, Hossein Hafezi 10 ORCID, Mehdi Gholamzadeh Baeis 11 ORCID, Mohammad Rafi Bazrafshan 12 ORCID, Sara Bakhtiari Nezhad 13 ORCID, Hamideh Mohseni 14 ORCID

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